Man must not be rich or famous before he find his love That how the Ghost just messaged me that "Jack X" is pardened in that Ghost Side, because he was poorer less smart (That how I deceded to stop attending his English class, because I was intending to find a English class taught by smart teacher like Jim Hart, yet Jim Hart quitted that class teaching, because he could not think himself smart enough to teach me, even Jim Hart could not be smart enough to teach me, not mention "Jack X") than me at the time when he forced me to go along with him to have sex with him; that my evil boss Danny Lain 酒店經紀 must have no returning point (That means Danny Lain must have to be locked inside his own most miserable nightmare during his current life not if but when; therefore, the only thing he can do his own a favor is to live by himself or find a job that he can do by himself PHYSICALLY [That how man must do his best to keep himself physically purely virgin, if unfortunately he lost his virgin, he has do his duty to kill that distasteful sexed, and stay together all the time with that tasty to the end. Man needs to 票貼 keep all the time, if he has to lie, he must make sure he lies for good sake, therefore, if he is a film Director, he has always choose good happy story to keep that too good to be true to please every one, if he has to play any role to lie, he must make sure that role to please every one without offend anyone's feel or nerve; if he cannot be good enough to satisfy "Liang.Chyuan.7.May" goal, he must not ever commit that lie in any way, not mention to make living or make money profit out of that sucking lie.] not need to use any br 借貸ain cell to think, so that he can live his every day life like a real cow or real horse, to make sure to do his best to down size his nightmare [Like the story "吳剛伐桂" <Why my evil boss Danny Lain can have that best unluck to be spared out of his own most miserable nightmare but locked inside endlessly labor working of lie that evil doer JungShiauLin must have no way to deserve? Because my evil boss Danny Lain did showed his tall mankind best will to take my teeth biting of his private part in order to keep my innocent that selfish short male ev 吳哥窟il doer JungShiauLin @@@That how good Chinese traditional words ###That how no one can finish Chinese before finish Chinese good traditional words first; that how English told Chinese is paper Tiger; that how One China must be Republic of China, no matter how smaller Taiwan looked, no matter how bigger Mainland China showed### can be that best mankind, had not had evil doer JungShiauLin lost his strength under simplified Mainland Chinese writing, a trashed good Chinese woman alone could have had still made him to be that best leader. Simplified Chinese writing can permanent 酒店打工 damage evil Chinese man's strength, that how JungShiauLin's parents can speak read write Japanese good enough to be Japanese teacher, yet not ever want their own kids to know how to speak read write Japanese. That how JungShiauLin cannot be help to lose his strength under simplified Chinese words, because his mother taught Japanese in Taiwan seeing other evil parent's kid strength !!!!Why evil strength matters? Because the strength can make evil Chinese man unselfishly tool his own evilness to do the job or duty like a real Satan for unshakeable righteousness, therefore, that righteo 房地產us focus alone can make him a respectable leader inside any group; once that evil Chinese man lost that evil strength, he can only focus on his personal gang or gain, no love, no care, no like, no dislike, every thing for his personal immediately pleasant, that how any place he go, even that silentest nice natural wild must be harmed, not mention any thing, any form, any friend, any blood, any rule, any law or lord, not mention moral in any way; worse than any heavy drug addicted, no strength to hold for next minute, not mention tomorrow!!!! right like nothing. @@@ no way to keep that good will in any way after he lost his 澎湖民宿virgin. That how short man must not ever have sex with anyone in any way, because his physical short has no way to overcome his lie of sex. That how all woman must keep in mind all the time, not to have sex with a short man, because short man must have to rely on his pure virgin to keep him to be a good big BOY. That how a married short man may be that best "see no evil" leader when he has that good luck to marry a good Chinese woman, because good Chinese woman would not ever have interest to have sex with that short man unless he eat her good heart to force her in that most invisible way to do that man made marriage formed of sex lie 賣屋 of duty to kiss his ass.> showed.] . Man has no right to starve to die but struggle to live, therefore, he has to do his best to work physically the longer the better to make sure no dream can have any room to get into his mind.) , because Danny Lain was born in one of Taiwan richest and/or most famous family.As for "Jack X" ex-wife who also has the form as Danny Lain's younger sister "周姍姍"-"Serena 周", she must have to beginning the process of starving to die as soon as possible; because even she may be a virgin, her crime of birth (because the birth she committed not naively like naive animal does) or the lie of birth (because the crime of lie o 租房子f birth is worse than the crime of real birth) committed as the form of "Lead.Pay.What" made her no way to make up of that crime of lie, therefore, she must have to be locked inside her own nightmare no way out; to starve to die can help her to learn how to surrender to the lie, so that to help herself not to suffer the pain more than "Ugly.Whore", she has to learn how to enjoy the "Feel of Starve", so that inside that nightmare of "Ugly.Whore", she can easily go along with endlessly.     .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店打工  .
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